Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Youth In Action

Name of Organization: Youth In Action (
Street Address: 672 Broad St, Providence, RI 02907
Name of Primary Mentor/Contact Person: Lindsay Tarnoff
Phone: 401-474-1608
How do you prefer to be contacted? phone or email
Description of Site:
Youth In Action (YIA) is all about young people—their capacity to lead, their natural ability to innovate, and their desire for positive change. YIA was started by teenagers in 1997 and since its inception youth have played key leadership roles at every level of the organization. Over the years YIA has grown from a small grassroots organization into one nationally recognized as a positive force for developing youth agency and community collaboration.
YIA is where youth share their stories, practice leadership, and create change in their communities.
Ages of youth served: high school
Hours of internship: (number of hours, days, times) flexible, but ideally would include Mon and Tues 4 pm - 6 pm
Description of role and duties: (include administrative or hands-on or both) 
Duties would be primarily hands-on with some small administrative tasks. Intern would be supporting developing and leading workshops around identity, cultural competency, and school reform
Paid or unpaid: unpaid (though lots of fun!)
Description of the culture of the place (how many people in the office, dress code, communication style) 
Intern would be working with 6 full time staff members in a shared office. It is a youth organization, full of young people, full of great energy. We have a very relaxed environment with open communication.
Additional Requirements: (travel, etc) n/a
Special notes on process of getting this internship: Please send an email and resume to
What three TAGS would you use to label this internship? 
leadership, youth development, school reform

Lindsay Tarnoff
Development and Program Manager
672 Broad Street | Providence, RI 02907
401.751.4264 | 401.474.1608 (cell) 
Follow us on Twitter @youthinactionri

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