Friday, August 28, 2015

Times2 STEM Academy

Name of Organization: Times2 STEM Academy

Street Address: 50 Fillmore Street

Name of Primary Mentor/Contact Person: Lt. (ret.) John Reis; Dean of Students

Phone: (401) 272-5094 Ext.425 or (401) 464-2004 (cell)

Email Address:

How do you prefer to be contacted? E-mail or phone

Description of the overall mission of this organization: 
Times2 STEM Academy is a K-12 Providence Public Charter School of mostly low income minority youth dedicated to education of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Ages of youth served: 5-17

Hours of internship: 
The Assistant to the Dean of Students at TIMES2 STEM Academy, a K-12public charter school will be required to work a flexible schedule from 12-16 hours per week, from Monday to Fridays and between the hours of 8am-5pm. The chosen applicant will be allowed this flex schedule as long as it is worked out in advance with the Dean.

Description of role and duties:
  • Phone calls to and discussions with parents regarding disciplinary actions taken against their children.
  • Attendance Intervention duties to include information gathering phone calls to parents; writing and sending attendance intervention letters; filing truancy petitions with the Student Affairs Office in Providence.
  • Collecting & Compiling high school student progress reports
  • Collecting and compiling RI required Bullying reports
  • Assembling Student Affair hearing packages for serious offenses
  • Entering disciplinary infractions and consequences into the schools Oncourse system
  • Notifying students and parents of detentions issued and date(s) and time(s) for serving; Tracking student detentions; tracking student suspensions, and filling out necessary suspension notification forms.
  • Mediating minor conflicts between students
  • Attending parent meetings
  • Other duties and responsibilities as agreed upon by the parties

Paid or unpaid: Unpaid (Small stipend for travel and meals may be available)

Description of the culture of the place: 
There are approximately 650 students, 45 teachers, 15 support staff, and 2 Academic Deans in addition to the Dean of Students. We have a diverse student body with a strong base of Latino & African. Most of our families are low income and many of our students come from single parent homes. Some of our students are exposed to traumatic events in their lives.

Additional Requirements: 
The chosen applicant will preferably be bi-lingual in Spanish, proficient in both Microsoft and Excel. They will have the ability to communicate well with others including teachers, other staff, and especially parents and students. The applicant will show a strong desire and/or history in working with school aged children, especially those in upper elementary, middle, and high school. The applicant will show an interest in helping to mediate minor conflicts between students.

Special notes on process of getting this internship: None

Other information: None

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